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Neurodiversity in the Music Studio

January 19 @ 9:30 am 11:30 am

Dr. Shannon Coates – Singer | Educator | Maximizer

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Shannon is a singer, voice teacher, and educator who began developing training and educational resources specifically for independent voice teachers (although, she isn’t mad about hanging out with academic voice teachers) following nearly two decades of owning and operating a successful independent voice studio in dual urban and suburban demographics (where she worked with alllll the singers you might find in a traditional independent voice studio: the six-year old who practices more than the rest of the studio combined, the chorister who has been singing The Messiah from memory since before you were born, the teenager who is finding new purpose in life through music, the singer-songwriter whose poetry makes you weep, and the pro and pro-track performers who want a technique refresh). 

Shannon welcomes voice teachers and coaches from all over the world at her subject-specific trainings (including Neurodiversity-Affirming VoicePed, Contemporary Voice, Child Voice, and Expanding Voice) and works with smaller groups of teachers in an eight-month training called The VoicePed UnDegree that runs from November to June every year.  

Shannon uses her not insignificant social media presence to curate and distribute information related to voice pedagogy, and to promote and discuss the subjects she is especially passionate about: making teaching best-practices explicit and applicable in the independent voice studio and creating inclusive voice spaces, especially through a neurodiversity-affirming lens. Oh, and she holds three vocal performance degrees from the University of Toronto, culminating in a Doctorate of Musical Arts specializing in Voice Pedagogy. 

More information can be found on her website:

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